Spencer Peterman Spaulted Round Wood Bowl

  *Handmade in Massachusetts*
Spencer Peterman's Spaulted Round Wood Bowl is the artist's gorgeous tribute to the circle of life in nature. Spencer is intrigued by the life and death of a tree and crafts the decomposing remains of fallen trees into a beautiful work of art. This handmade wooden bowl is perfect for display or for everyday use. Spencer's wooden bowls are handmade from a single piece of wood and are all food-safe. Spencer Peterman wood bowls come in a choice of sizes.

Item: SP-SRB31
Size: Choose Below - 9", 11", 13", 15", 18", 21"
Delivery: 2-3 weeks. For faster delivery, call to check if item is in stock.
Price: $75.00

Bowl Size:

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