Barber's Daughters Devi Sterling Silver Necklace with Engraved Buddha Circle

  *Handmade in Canada*
The Barber's Daughters collection brings us this gorgeous DEVI (divine being) sterling silver necklace. The necklace features an engraved disk of sterling silver with a likeness of Buddha seated on the disk. The pendant hangs from a curved sterling bar on a 16" fine serpent chain. There is also a 6.5" drop chain that hangs down the back for added interest. The engraved disk reads, "May all beings be happy" -Buddha. The Barber's Daughters Collection by artist Gisele Theriault is inspired by the discoveries of Dr. Masuru Emoto (author of Hidden Messages in Water). He displayed that the vibration of words has profound effect on water with his photographs. Microscopic pictures of water influenced by positive words created beautiful snowflakes and negative words created pictures that looked like diseased cells or mucky mud puddles. Since our bodies are 70% water, positive words worn upon them reflect the same back.

Notes: See the entire Barber's Daughters collection.
Delivery: 2-3 weeks. For faster delivery, call to check if item is in stock.
Price: $230.00


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